It’s time for Americans to stand up for themselves, unite and create solutions for creating a prosperous nation again.  Unfortunately, there have been several mistakes made in the past 20 years that has affected our principles and well-being.  While we realize that the politicians will continue to banter about and create policies that don’t directly benefit us as a people,  we must begin to work for ourselves by rising up and creating new opportunities. Uncle Sam is not going to give us a hand, so it’s time to support each other and find new ways to create income, wealth and stability.  We can put our best foot forward and work together, regardless of race, political and religious view, age, and abilities.  We can work together now!

The economy is down, jobs are scarce, we can make it together!

Politicians aren’t helping matters much, the global corporations aren’t helping

Recent grads can pool together

New grads are finding it increasingly difficult to find work.  Create a new future without selling yourself out.  Find new opportunities in establishing yourself in your community.  We want you to succeed!  Don’t despair! We, as Americans are willing to work with you and look forward to your bright future.

America’s more experienced men and women can meet the needs of the future by supporting each other and banding together to create new ideas for business and income.  Working together with our young adults to bring new means of income and sustainability.

Coops in creating new business

35-60 year old’s can’t be ignored

Don’t blame yourself or others for the situations that have left the job market in shambles, we already understand how it happened and now it’s time to make changes.

reasons why, so it’s time to work together!

work together to make huge changes for ourselves by accepting the position we have been placed in and making a change for the better.  Many of the unemployed are well educated and experienced, also many are fresh graduates from College.  We find that the unemployed come from all walks of life, and every race and religion.  It is touching us as Americans in many ways, and is disrupting our core strengths and values.  

Lack of funds to pay for the basic
No unions, no politics, no discrimination, just help!
with years of work experience

A website dedicated towards helping America’s Unemployed

Welcome to

All aspects of our Job Prospects have been affected

College Grads, Long-Term Unemployed
it’s not your fault...there are many

needs, Shelter, Food, Education...we can

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